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khajuraho mandir/khajuraho temple in india

khajuraho mandir/khajuraho temple in india

Khajuraho mandir/Khajuraho temple in India, The Khajuraho temples located in Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh are famous all over the world for their amazing craftsmanship and unimaginable sculpture. Here is a group of very ancient and famous Khajuraho temples in India. At the same time, erotic sculptures on the walls of these temples attract the attention of all the tourists who come here.

Khajuraho Mandir History

The temple of Khajuraho located near Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh is famous for its amazing artwork and erotic sculptures. The magnificent temples of Khujarahas were constructed during the time of the Chandela kingdom. King Chandravarman, son of Lord Chandra, established most of the temples of Khajuraho.

At the same time, as the power of Chandela rule expanded, his empire was given the name of Bundelkhand and then he started the construction of these magnificent temples of Khujrahas. The construction of these temples took a long time, from 950 BCE to around 1050 BCE these temples were built.

After this, the rulers of the Chandela dynasty made Mahoba their capital located in Uttar Pradesh. At the same time, many temples of Khajuraho were built under the rule of Hindu king Yashovarman and Dhanga, out of which Vishwanath JI’s temple dedicated to Lakshman and Shiva is very famous. On the other hand, the temple of Kandaria Mahadev, built during the reign of Ganda Raja in 1017 to 1029 BC, is one of the famous temples of Khajuraho.

Let us tell you that Khajuraho temples, famous worldwide for their artwork, are built about 35 miles from Mahoba in Uttar Pradesh. The beauty and attractiveness of the temple of Khajuraho remained intact till the 12th century, but in the 13th century when the Chandela kingdom was annexed by Sultan Qutub-ud-din of the Delhi Sultanate, the monuments of the Khajuraho temple were greatly altered, and Its beauty had decreased significantly.

At the same time, from the 13th to the 18th century, the historical and wonderful temples of Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh were under the control of the Muslim rulers. Famous for their amazing artwork and royal designs, these temples were also destroyed during this period. Let us tell you that in 1495 AD, the ruler of the Lodi dynasty, Sikandar Lodi, forcefully demolished many famous Khujarah temples.

Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images

khajuraho tourist image-khajuraho temple images
Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images

At the same time, according to some historians, the number of temples in this cluster of temples of Hindu and Jainism was 85, which were earlier spread over an area of ​​20 kilometers, and now only 20 of these temples are left, which are spread over a radius of 6 kilometers. At the same time, due to lack of proper care in these temples of Khajuraho, there was a lot of damage, as well as idols from many temples that started disappearing.

However, later Hindu and Jainism people also made efforts to protect the famous temples of India, due to which only 20-22 temples are safe, whereas the temples of Khajuraho were saved due to grandeur and attractiveness. In 1986, it was included in the list of World Heritage.

Khajuraho temple information

Where is the temple of Khajuraho?
Khajuraho temples are a small town located in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, India.

Who built the Khajuraho temples?
The temples of Khajuraho were built by Chandravarman, the ruler of the Chandela dynasty.

When were Khajuraho temples built?
Khajuraho temples were built between 950 and 1050 AD.

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Arrived to visit the famous temple of Khajuraho/Khajuraho Temple Location

Khajuraho is a historical and religious place located in Madhya Pradesh, India, nearest to which is Jhansi, Harpalpur, Mahoba railway station. Whose distance is about 54 kilometers from Mahoba, it is situated at a distance of 45 kilometers from Chhatarpur, it is located about 105 kilometers from Satna be reached via air route, It can also be reached via air route, daily flights are also available from Delhi, Banaras, and Agra to this oldest temple in India.

Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images

Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images
Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images

Best time to visit Khajuraho temple/When to go to Khajuraho temple

The winter season is the best for visiting Khajuraho, located in Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh. But you better plan to visit Khajuraho in the month of February, Khajuraho Dance Festival is organized every year in the month of February. During this time the major classical dances of the country come here and watching them dance amidst colorful lights in the backdrop of the historical temples of Khajuraho, it seems as if Cupid himself and Rati have descended from heaven to earth. During the dance festival, there is a late-night program from 7 pm daily. The ticket is free here.

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Khajuraho Temple Story

This mythology is associated with the construction of the temple of Khajuraho, which is famous worldwide, according to which Hemavati, the daughter of the famous Brahmin of Kashi, was very beautiful. One day while bathing in the river, then Chandradev i.e. the moon caught sight of them and they saw her beauty and laughed at them and in the insistence of making Hemvati their own they went to her and they kidnapped Hemavati. took.

After which both fell in love with each other and then both had a son named Chandravarman, who later became a heroic ruler and laid the foundation of the Chandela dynasty. Hemavati raised Chandravarman in the jungles, she wanted to see her son as a ruler whose actions raised his head proudly.

Chandravarman, according to his mother’s wish, Chandravarman became a courageous and fiery king, who built 85 very beautiful and magnificent temples at Khajuraho near Chhatarpur in Madhya Pradesh, which is still known all over the world due to their attraction.

The amazing artwork of the Khajuraho temple is unique and unique in itself. At the same time, some of the erotic artwork made on the walls of these temples is quite spectacular, due to which the temples of Khajuraho were included in the main tourist destination, which is visited by people from every corner of the world.

When was Khajuraho temple constructed

When was Khajuraho temple constructed
When was Khajuraho temple constructed

The world-famous Khajuraho mandir/Khajuraho temple in India was built by King Chandravarman between 950 and 1050 AD during the Chandela kingdom. There is a group of temples of Hindu and Jainism here. Among the Khajuraho temples, a temple dedicated to Lord Mahadev, dedicated to Lord Mahadev, is the most famous and grand temple.

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Features of Khajuraho temple

Khajuraho mandir/Khajuraho temple in India is famous all over the world due to its grandeur and beautiful artifacts and adorable Kamotak sculpture. The beautiful artifacts of this oldest temple are among the most beautiful artifacts in the world, which attract the attention of art lovers. Its prominent feature is the erotic sculptures built in the temple of Khajuraho, by these archaic sculptures which display different postures of erotic art, but still, these statues do not appear to be obscene.

The artifacts of this ancient temple are amazing, due to the magnificence of craftsmanship and impressive sculpture, they have been included in the list of World Heritage. There are around 246 artifacts inside this magnificent Khajuraho temple while 646 artifacts are outside, with most of the artifacts displaying sexuality. The temple of Khajuraho has a distinct identity in the world due to its extremely special artifacts.

Architecture Of Khajuraho Temple

Located in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, this is the famous Khajuraho mandir/Khajuraho temple in India, the Khajuraho temple is famous worldwide for its amazing artifacts and Kamotak sculptures. The walls of this temple are carved with exquisitely carved sculptures and sculptures. Whose structure is extremely complex.

Historians and scholars argue that eroticism has been practiced here since very ancient times, but some historians have given erotic works on the walls of this magnificent temple built during the time of Chandela kingdom. A part of the tradition is told, which is very important for the human body.

In this world-famous Khajuraho mandir/Khajuraho temple in India, the rooms are interconnected and the rooms are built in such a way that the sunlight from the window of the rooms falls on each artwork. Let me tell you that one of the most ancient and magnificent temples, erotic artworks on the walls of the temple of Khajuraho, seem to represent the unique traditions and unique arts of ancient India. Considered to be an example of Indian Mughal architecture, the expressions of this amazing temple of Khajuraho are very lively, the sculptures here seem to speak. At the same time, the sculpture of this famous temple has also been appreciated by many big artists.

Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images

Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images
Khajuraho tourist image-Khajuraho temple images

Historians and scholars have different views about the erotic artwork made in this temple. According to some people, these amazing statues reflect the weak morality of medieval society, while some believe that these artifacts display the creative rugs of mythological texts of Kamasutra, while the supernatural bliss on the face of the woman and man-made on these sculptures. Expressions appear.

This sculpture is so grand and attractive, due to which the temple of Khajuraho has been included in the list of World Heritage. At the same time, tourists come from all over the world because of this unmatched beauty, Most of the sculptures in Khajuraho temples have been made using red sandstone, while granite stones have also been used in the construction of some sculptures, among which the Lalguana Mahadev Temple, the Brahma Temple, and the Chausath Yogini are made of granite (kanasham) stones. went. Along with this, the magnificent temples of Khajuraho are built on high platforms without any garbage, the beauty of which attracts visitors.

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Temples of God in Khajuraho

Parvati Temple Khajuraho
Inside the temple of Khajuraho included in the World Heritage Site, there is a beautiful temple dedicated to Goddess Parvati, Goddess Ganga also sits in this temple.

Lakshmana Temple Khajuraho
The Laxman Temple is very famous inside this magnificent temple of the world, also known as its Ramachandra Chaturbhuj Temple, a temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu, which was built during the time of the rulers of the Chandela dynasty.

Chitragupta Temple Khajuraho
Famous for its special artwork, inside the famous Khajuraho temple there is a temple of Chitragupta dedicated to Lord Surya, in which an extremely attractive statue of Lord Surya is about 7 feet high, which appears to be driving a 7 horse chariot. it occurs.

Nandi Temple Khajuraho
This famous temple of Khajuraho, famous for its arched and adorable artifacts, is dedicated to the Shiva carrier Nandi, which is 2.20 meters in length and consists of 12 pillars. This famous temple is similar to the shape of the Vishwanath temple.

Devi Jagadambi Temple Khajuraho
This world-famous Khajuraho, built in the shape of a horoscope and extremely intricate composition, has a temple of Goddess Jagadamba, which is on the north side of Kandariya Mahadev. Which is famous for erotic sculptures.

Vishwanath Temple Khajuraho
Inside this famous and grand temple of India located near Chhatarpur in the state of Madhya Pradesh, there is a temple of Vishwanathji dedicated to Lord Shankar Ji, which is one of the best temples built here.

Matangeshwar Temple Khajuraho
The Mantgeshwar Temple, the oldest temple of Khajuraho, was built by King Harshavarman around 920 AD, followed by a 2.5-meter Shivalinga in this temple, which is still worshiped. Apart from these temples, the temple of Varaha and Lakshmi is also built here.

Kandariya Mahadeva Temple Khajuraho
This Kandariya Mahadev Temple of Khajuraho, built about 31 meters high, is the largest and grand temple among the Khujarahas temples, dedicated to Lord Shiva, the temple has about 872 sculptures depicting sexuality, and each statue has a height of about 1 Is the meter.

Interesting information on Khajuraho temples

Interesting information on Khajuraho temples 
Interesting information on Khajuraho temples

The temples of the world-famous Khajuraho were considered to be the finest specimens during the medieval period!

Khajuraho, located in Chhatarpur district of Madhya Pradesh, was famous for the first date palm forests, which is why it was named Khajuraho. While the ancient name of the temple of Khajuraho is Khajuravahaka!

This famous temple included in the list of UNESCO depicts the traditional lifestyle of medieval women through artworks very brilliantly!

According to historians, in ancient times, the number of temples in Khajuraho was around 85, but then slowly these temples were destroyed by some rulers, then some temples were demolished due to natural disasters, due to which only 22 temples today Have survived!

This world heritage created during the Chandela kingdom showcases the different arts and rugs of sexuality through sculpture in a very creative and creative way!

This famous temple of Khajuraho previously used to be inhabited only by sadhus, whose importance was gradually decreasing, but in the 20th century, this temple was rediscovered. After which it was preserved!

This famous Khajuraho mandir/Khajuraho temple in India built in the medieval period has beautifully sculpted statues of many deities of Hinduism, along with the exquisite sculptures of Lord Brahma, Vishnu, and Mahesh.

This ancient temple of Khajuraho is divided into three different groups, which include Eastern group, Western group and Southern group, etc!

This world-famous temple of Khajuraho is famous for its magnificent artifacts and huge terraces. In the group of temples of Hindu and Jainism, along with religious idols, statues of families, beauties and apsaras are also inscribed!

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