September 19, 2021

honeymoon destinations in India

best-honeymoon-destinations-in-india । भारत-में-हनीमून-के-लिए-रोमांटिक-जगह

Honeymoon Destination in India = Newly married couple seek a quiet and beautiful romantic place for a honeymoon. In this post, you have shared a list of popular honeymoon destinations in India. A honeymoon is a way to cherish pleasant and sweet memories for the life to come and to understand each other properly.

If you are looking for a beautiful place for your honeymoon. So we are giving information about the best honeymoon destinations in India. When young partners marry each other. And both the newly married couple are preparing to go on a honeymoon to a quiet place where they can spend the beautiful moments of their married life.

popular honeymoon destinations in India

Honeymoon in a beautiful place away from the full atmosphere of the wedding, start the beautiful life of your life. It is the most important moment in the life of any married couple. They save a lifetime of memories of the best honeymoon spots. To understand each other, a newly married couple needs to have the best honeymoon spot, so that your honeymoon can start from there. If you too are planning your honeymoon destination at this time, then we are telling you about the most beautiful honeymoon spots in India.

Here are the most romantic honeymoon Places in India And Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Mount Abu Honeymoon Destinations In India

Mount Abu Honeymoon Destinations In India

Rajasthan is the only station, as Mount Abu, which is called the ‘Paradise of Rajasthan’. Mount Abu is the first choice of tourists from all over the world, nestled on the Nilgiri Hills, the geographical location, atmosphere, and natural beauty of Mount Abu is completely different and captivating from other cities of Rajasthan. Nikki Lake is an excellent tourist destination here. Here Nikki means nail. Actually, there is a belief about this lake that a Hindu deity built this lake by digging with his fingernails. Hence it is known as ‘Naqqi’.

Nikki Lake has a beautiful view of the greenery and hills around it. Located in the southwestern part of the lake, the sun’s view of the sunset captivates the mind. At sunset, the shade of the changing colors of the sky looks very unique and beautiful, as well as the view of the green plains far away from here makes the eyes very relaxed. It looks very beautiful. Sunset can also be enjoyed by sitting on the banks of this lake.

Mount Abu Best Honeymoon place In India

The Achalgarh Fort of Mount Abu is also worth seeing, which was built by King Rana Kumbha of Mewar on the top of a hill. Guru Shikhar of Mount Abu is the most beautiful and attractive place, which is the highest peak of the Aravalli mountain range. Here a temple is built on the top of the mountain, where divinity and peace touch the mind. The temple is dedicated to Dattatreya, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. The blue sky and the surrounding view from Guru Shikhar look very beautiful.

Mount Abu also has a wildlife sanctuary, where mainly leopards, lethargic bears, wild thunder, sambar, chinkara, and langur are found. Not only this, more than 200 species of birds and more than 100 species of plants and flora can be seen here. It is the most suitable place for those interested in birds.

Khajuraho temple in India

Udaypur best places to honeymoon

उदयपुर-भारत-में-हनीमून-डेस्टिनेशन । Udaypur-Best-Honeymoon-destinations-in-India

Udaipur is the best pulse for a honeymoon. Udaipur is a very beautiful city located in Rajasthan. Which is a great honeymoon destination for married couples, you will get to see loving views in which the culture, royalty culture, and the delightful lakes – Udaipur, known as the city of lakes, is a magnificent city. Combining all these is a perfect destination for a honeymoon.

You and your partner can go boating (boat ride) in the lake or lake in Udaipur. And your partner’s, you can enjoy the beautiful views here. Rajshahi culture can be seen in Udaipur Fort. Where the glimpses of the royal monarchy of the kings added to the city. Udaipur is an ideal place for Honeymoon Couples where they can enjoy its beauty and serene environment during a honeymoon.

Your partner in Honeymoon Place in India will love the city of Udaipur. In Udaipur, you can enjoy a fun dinner in romantic restaurants with beautiful palaces, lakes, Havelis, forts, gardens, and temples.

Sikkim Honeymoon Destination in India

Sikkim is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. The natural beauty of Sikkim can make your new relationship more beautiful, the snow-capped white hills and pleasant weather make the newly married couple get closer. Sikkim has many beautiful honeymoon spots. Nestled in the lap of nature is Sikkim’s honeymoon destination, with pure air, lush green forest valleys, and snow-clad mountain peaks.

The view of the swollen mountain river and the sprawling garden mesmerizes tourists. The breathtaking view of nature brings deep peace to the tourists. Sikkim is the best honeymoon place in terms of tourism, which has a unique and amazing natural beauty. The natural beauty of this small state attracts nature-lovers and tourists and honeymoon tourists from all over the world.

Sikkim captivates everyone with its rich mountain ranges, serene lakes, beautiful valleys, beautiful colorful floral gardens, the scenic beauty of Sikkim attracts all kinds of tourists, be it adventure seekers, honeymoon tourists, or nature lover.

Kerala Best Honeymoon Place in India

keral-Best-Honeymoon-place-in-India । केरल-बेस्ट-हनीमून-प्लेस-इन-इंडिया

Beautifully influenced tourists to Kerala also call Kerala as “Gods own Country”. Therefore Kerala is the most suitable place for a honeymoon. Boat rides, lush green jungle amidst lofty mountains, lush greenery on magnificent beaches, far-flung coconut trees, and very beautiful views of palm tree clumps captivate everyone.

“Godson Country” Known as Kerala, for the past several years, due to its beauty and unique civilization, it has attracted tourists from abroad besides the country. They are the true identity of the beauty of Kerala. In these romantic scenes, the beating of the loving heart is bound to grow.

Here, if you want to visit the beach with your partner, then you can enjoy Chiara Beach, Kovalam Beach, Marudeshwar Beach, Bekal Beach, Varkala Beach, and Shanmugam Beach. If you want to come to Kerala and enjoy the hill station, then you can enjoy beautiful plains in beautiful mountainous regions like Munnar, Perimed, Idduki, Lakkkari, Devikulam in Kerala. Munnar, in particular, is very famous not only in the country but also among foreign tourists.

Khajuraho temple in India

Goa Honeymoon Destination in India, Honeymoon Destination in India

गोवा-भारत-में-हनीमून-डेस्टिनेशन Goa-Best-honeymoon-destinations

Goa is the most preferred place among honeymoon destinations in India. Goa is famous all over the world for its enchanting beaches, the glowing sand of the place, the sky-catching coconut trees, the sea waves, and the honeymoon destination. Here you will find many newly married couples holding each other’s hands. As it is,

Goa is the pride of honeymoon tourist spot, where young couples get to have fun with their spouses. On the beautiful beach with the arms of your partner, the joy of great nightlife is something else. Calangute Beach, Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Sinkerian Beach, Palolem Beach, and Miramar Beach are prominent in Goa’s long list of beautiful and luxurious beaches.

Beautiful places in India for Honeymoon

Goa is famous worldwide for its beaches, the most famous beaches in Goa are located in the North Goa region. Who are known for their water sports, restaurants, parties, and glitz and glamor? Foreign newlyweds also come here to celebrate the honeymoon not only from the country.

When we are at the seashore and there is water all around. So in such a situation, the water games and the river cruise make you fresh and refreshes you. And for the new couple, it is the right time to understand each other along with the fun. A spontaneous and free life with the natural beauty of Goa will add romance to your honeymoon.

Darjeeling Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

दार्जिलिंग-भारत-में-सर्वश्रेष्ठ-हनीमून-स्थल । Darjeeling-Best-honeymoon-destinations-In-India

Popularly known as ‘Queen of Hills’, Darjeeling has always been a great honeymoon destination. The biggest feature of this hill station is its tea plantations. Green tea grounds are spread far and wide as if the green sheet is lying on the earth. Darjeeling is a great place to enjoy your honeymoon.

Darjeeling has a lot of honeymoon destinations, but one of the best honeymoon destinations here is Tiger Hills. This is a very beautiful place, the beautiful view of the sunrise here fills the freshness in everyone’s heart. The beauty of this magnificent hill station in West Bengal is not only in its tea gardens but the beautiful place and also in Darjeeling.

Beautiful snow-capped mountains, deodar forests, waterfalls flowing with natural beauty attract everyone. Because of its beauty, it has been called the ‘Queen of the mountains’ and is counted among the famous and beautiful hill stations around the world. A beautiful panoramic view of the rivers flowing through the mountains is a peaceful place to enjoy a honeymoon. Which can soak you in your love.

Best Honeymoon Place In India

During the visit to Darjeeling, the beautiful views of the confluence of tea plantations, pine forests, Teesta, and colored rivers attract the attention of tourists. On one side of Darjeeling is the famous Tiger Hill, which is located about 13 kilometers from the city. From here, the amazing view of sunrise looks very beautiful.

On the other hand, behind the hills of Kanchenjunga, the beautiful view of the sunrise, which tourists from all over the country and abroad reach here every day. Mount Everest can see the highest peak in the world when the weather is clear. Darjeeling also has an organic park, where many rare species of fauna, animals, and birds including red panda and black bear can be seen. Tourists can also enjoy seeing Siberian tigers and Tibetan wolves here.

Khajuraho temple in India

Manali Best Honeymoon Destination in India

मनाली-बेस्ट-हनीमून-प्लेस-इन-इंडिया । Manali-Best-honeymoon-destinations-In-India

Manali is a perfect destination not only for people on honeymoon but also for all types of tourists due to the adventurous adventure along with the Manali Honeymoon Destination. Manali, the city of Himachal Pradesh, is one of the best honeymoon destinations. With the lush green floral gardens,

the waterfalls flowing through the cloud-clad mountains, the stunning landscape filled with natural beauty, Manali is a spectacular and attractive honeymoon destination for newlyweds. In the Kullu Valley, the plains of Manali are unique, where white sheets of snow are spread throughout the region during the winter season.

Honeymoon Destination in India

Manali city of Himachal Pradesh has been one of the best honeymoon destinations for the last several decades. You can shop in Mali from Mall Road, which is a market. The main attraction of Manali is Rohtang Pass, Rohtang Pass, Solan Valley, Old Manali, River Rafting in Kullu and Bhrigu Lake. It is very easy to reach from all the big cities in the country.

The nearest airport from Manali is Kullu-Manali Airport. Where thousands of tourists from far and wide arrive here to enjoy the snowfall during the icy season between October and February. Apart from this, one can enjoy the natural waterfall on Nehru Kund, Rohtang road. Manali is capable of captivating tourists because of its natural scenery.

Srinagar Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

श्रीनगर-मनाली-बेस्ट-हनीमून-प्लेस-इन-इंडिया । Shirinagar-Best-honeymoon-destinations-In-India

Heaven’s Earth Srinagar, located in the Kashmir Valley, is one of the major tourist destinations in India, Dal Lake equipped with lotus flowers is an ideal place for a beautiful honeymoon place. Located at an altitude of 1,700 meters, the city of Srinagar is mainly known for its lakes and houseboats.

The biggest attraction of Srinagar is Dal Lake, where the view from morning to evening is amazing. From morning to beautiful evening, every part of the day shows some different colors of the beauty of this lake. The reflection of the houseboat’s sparkling light after sunset doubles the beauty of the lake.

If you want to live in a very quiet environment away from the hustle and bustle, then you can stay in a houseboat built on Nagin Lake or Jhelum River. Nagin Lake is also a beautiful and small lake in Kashmir. Generally, foreign tourists prefer to stay here. The Mughal gardens present here along with the beautiful lake have been prepared in such a beautiful and planned way that the garden love of the Mughals still reflects the beauty of the place.

Apart from this, a visit to Srinagar seems incomplete without visiting many important gardens like Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh. Apart from the poplar trees in these gardens, there are other shady trees. They have many colorful flowers. The water flowing through the springs built between these gardens is also very attractive.

Shimla Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Himachal Pradesh’s popular honeymoon destination is Shimla. If you have very little time, then Shimla may prove to be the most suitable honeymoon destination for you. Surrounded by houses and farms built on mountain slopes, the forests of Shimla look very attractive. One of the most beautiful hill stations in the country, Shimla is also known as the city of 7 hills. Passing through tunnels and lush green hills, the journey by toy train from Kalka to Shimla is very enjoyable and exciting.

Mall Road of Shimla is quite famous, where many shopping centers and restaurants are present. Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy exciting activities like trekking and hiking here. Kufri is a small hill station near Shimla, which is very famous for winter sports. Every year from January to March, you can enjoy skiing in the snow here. Chamba here is a very romantic beautiful city situated on the banks of river Ravi in ​​Himachal Pradesh, which is a very attractive place for loving couples.

Ooty Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

ऊटी-बेस्ट-हनीमून-प्लेस-इन-इंडिया । Ooty-Best-honeymoon-destinations-In-India

The Queen of the Mountains is known to have relaxed moments with her partner in Ooty. Ooty is among the most beautiful, quiet, and pollution-free hill stations in the country. Ooty is the first choice of film stars due to its beautiful, serene, and graceful scene. Many film artists spend their holidays here and shoot films. Beautiful Nilgiri hills, greenery all around, makes it very attractive, making Ooty the perfect honeymoon places near the beautiful lakes of nature.

Ooty is an excellent tourist destination located in Tamil Nadu, which is nothing less than a paradise for nature lovers and honeymoon couples. The beautiful hill stations spread far and wide, the greenery of lush green trees brings peace to the tourists visiting here. Every year a large number of married couples and tourists come to see the beauty of Ooty.

The weather remains pleasant throughout the year. Here you can enjoy boating in the lake with your partner. And in the garden adorned with flowers, you can take a walk in the arms, and if you like to sit at a height. From there, you can enjoy the beautiful views of nature and the beautiful view of the sunset by placing heads on each other’s shoulders. There is a lot to see in Ooty, such as Dodabetta Peak, Kalahatti Falls, Kotagiri, Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, etc.


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