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red fort india । red fort History, Timings, Information, Images

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Red fort India. The Red Fort is not only a hallmark of Delhi, it is famous all over the world for its fame. The Red Fort is located in the heart of Delhi red fort. There are many museums to see here. It is considered to be the historical artwork of India.

Tourists come from far and wide to see it. It was built in 1648. At that time, there was the reign of Shah Jahan, the fifth Mughal ruler of the Mughal Empire. It is made from red stone. Only then it is called Red Fort. Its architecture style is very luxurious. All its parts are very beautiful – like – its garden, palace, walls are special, etc.

history of Red Fort

A glimpse of various cultures of India can be seen in the Red Fort. In 1638, Emperor Shah Jahan thought of relocating his capital Agra to Delhi, and only after that, the construction of the Red Fort in Delhi was started. Red and white were the favorite colors of Shah Jahan. And so the choice of the red fort stone was red. The architect of the Red Fort was designed by Ustad Ahmad Lahori.

Because he also designed the magnificent Taj Mahal of Agra. It is built on the banks of the river Yamuna. Its parts are surrounded by the river on three sides. The construction of the Red Fort was started on 13 May 1638. Its first foundation was laid by Ijjar Khan. Shah Jahan desired that his fort in Delhi be the largest, he wanted to make this fort bigger than the forts of Lahore and Agra.

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Red Fort India

It took 10 years to build the Red Fort. Its construction was completed in 1648. Its Sheesh Mahal is located in the northern and southern parts of the main fort. A special palace has also been built here, which used to be the personal room of the king. In this palace, kings used to sleep or worship. Mainly the role of Izzat Khan, Alivardi Khan, Mukermat Khan in building the Red Fort.

The construction of the Red Fort was done under his supervision. Mukermat Khan was considered a very special person of Shah Jahan. He was not in Delhi till the completion of the construction of the Red Fort, at that time he had gone to Kabul in connection with the work of the Sultanate. He was informed by writing to Shah Jahan from Mukarmat Khan that he was informed that his palace is ready.

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When Shah Jahan was visiting the palace for the first time, the palace was fully decorated like a bride at that time. A celebration was also organized that day. The corners of the entire palace were decorated in a stunning manner. Shah Jahan’s assembly Deewane Khas was specially prepared. Like = roofs, carvings on walls, etc. were decorated. Silk sheet was used in its decoration.

A huge chandelier was placed in the center of the meeting house, Diwane Khas. It was mainly built in Ahmedabad. As soon as Shah Jahan stepped into the court, flowers were showered on him. After this, Shah Jahan distributed a lot of jewelry, coins, and diamonds as a gift to everyone.

The rule of other rulers in the Red Fort Inda

After this Mughal ruler, Aurangzeb came to power. And after their arrival, the financial and administrative structure of the Mughal Sultanate was greatly affected, and the Mughal Empire came to decline as soon as the 18th century came. Aurangzeb also built Moti Masjid in the Red Fort during his reign. After Aurangzeb’s ouster from power, the Red Fort remained unclaimed for 30 years, waiting for its ruler. Then in 1712 Jahandar Shah was appointed the ruler of this place. And he was killed by Farrukhsiyar in a few years, he himself became the king of there.

Ahmad Shah Durrani ruled

After Farrukhsiyar became king, he had looted a lot here. It converted the upper wall, studded with silver from the palace, into copper. After this, Muhammad Shah ruled in the Red Fort in 1719. He was known as Rangeela Raja. His reign was here till 1739. After this, he was defeated in the battle with the Persian emperor Nadir Shah, and due to which the throne of the Red Fort was given to Nadir Shah.

The Mughal Empire was completely hollowed out by Nadir Shah. And after staying here for 3 months, he had returned to his place. The Battle of Delhi was won by the Marathas in 1752. After this, in 1761, the Marathas lost the third battle of Panipat. Then Ahmad Shah Durrani ruled here.

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The Marathas fought the British East India Company in 1803. The Marathas were defeated in this, so both the British and Delhi and the Red Fort made this historical place of the Mughals their home. Finally, Mughal Bahadur Shah-2 stayed in the fort. He defeated the British in the 1857 revolution. They could not rule here for long, as this palace was completely changed after the British took possession of this palace.

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Its finest parts were broken by Diwane Khas, Moti Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, garden, harem, furniture, etc. All the valuables were looted by the British and kept in their secret treasures. During 1890–1900, the British Lord restored the broken part of the Red Fort; Had ordered it to be made.

red-fort-india red-fort-History-Timings-Information-Images

The revolutionaries and freedom fighters who liberated India from British rule were kept in the prison built in the Red Fort. On 15 August 1947, when India became independent from British rule, the British left India. At that time, the first Prime Minister Jawaharlal had hoisted the flag of the country’s flag at the Lahore door of the Red Fort.

After India gained independence, the Red Fort was made an army cantonment. A large part of the fort remained in the Army’s part until 2003, but after that, it was handed over to the Indian Archeology Department for repair.

Red Fort Inda visiting Place

Many of the main parts of the Red Fort structure attract tourists, such as its walls, main door, visitors hall, royal palace on the banks of river Yamuna. Apart from this, there are many other places to see –

Chhabria Bazaar Red fort – which is located right in front of the Red Fort.

Lahori Darwaza Red fort – This is the main door of the Red Fort, which was given this name by facing towards Lahore. Flag hoisting takes place at this place every year since India got independence. From its balcony, the Prime Minister of the country gives his message to the citizens of the country.

Delhi Darwaza Red fort – It is built in the south part of the fort. Its shape, the texture is precisely similar to the main Lahori door. The main feature of this door is its two and huge stone elephants. Its construction was disbanded by Aurangzeb, later it was built by Lord again in 1903.

Pani Darwaza Red fort – This is the small door of the fort, it is located in the southeast. It was built near the banks of the river. And so it was named Pani Darwaza.

Chatta Chowk Red fort – Within the Lohore Gate one can see Chatta Bazaar, it was a heart in the time of the Mughals, where silk, jewelry, and other items are found. Which are still bought with great fervor by tourists even today.

Naubat Khana Red fort – It is also known as Nakar Khana. It is built on the eastern side of Lahore Gate. This palace construction was built specifically for musicians. In this palace, music evening was held at night.

Diwan-i-Aam Red fort – It was considered the main court of the king. The king used to narrate all his decisions here. The palace was constructed 540 feet wide and 420 feet deep. A gallery was built around this palace. And the hall was also constructed for the public right in front.

Mumtaz Mahal Red fort – This palace was built for the wife and tens of kings. Where today a museum has been constructed.

Rang Mahal – Like Mumtaz Mahal, it was also built for queens. A pool was also built in its center, called Canal-e-Bahisht. It was connected by a wave from the palace to the river Yamuna.

Diwane Khas Red fort – Diwane Khas was constructed in the northern part of the Diwane mango. It was made of marble and precious stones. is used to be the private room of the king.  was also constructed with precious stones and gems.

Moti Masjid Red Fort – Was built-in 1659 by King Aurangzeb. It is said that this was the private mosque of Aurangzeb.

Importance of Red Fort in today’s time

The Red Fort is located in Old Delhi, it is considered to be the main tourist spot of the city of Delhi. Thousands of tourists visit this place throughout the year. The Red Fort is open to the public 6 days a week and is closed on Mondays. Inside it, a ticket has to be taken. Which was fixed at Rs 10 for Indian tourists and Rs 200 for foreign tourists.

The Red Fort door is open from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. A sound and light show is held here every evening. Which depicts the history of the Mughals. There is a fee of Rs 50 to watch the light show happening here. Here the light show is considered to be the main center of tourist attraction. Since ancient times, the palace is decorated as before. Which gives people a chance to know Indian culture up close. This is also a prime example of our history.

Red Fort India Security

Continuing terrorist attacks on India, and the security of the Red Fort is fully taken care of by their attacks. On Independence Day, a strong arrangement is made to protect the Red Fort. On this occasion, Delhi Police and military teams monitor it with full preparation. This is called the no-fly zone area, meaning no plane can fly here.

The Red Fort is a historical heritage of India. It is the responsibility of all countrymen to protect it. Since ancient times. The Red Fort was ruled by many kings. In this way, the Red Fort has seen the happiness of many kings. The Red Fort has also seen the austerity of the Mughals here, the British tyrants along with the Raunnakan. The Red Fort is a symbol of the pride of Indian heritage. All Indians should be proud of it.

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